Foldable at arma

The Foldable Soullseat can fold. Her height will then become 35 cm. In this way it is less expensive and easier to store and transport. Folding in and “popping up” can be done within 20 seconds by two people.


Foldable Soullseat unit is Stackable. They fit on top of each other. You can stack up to eight Soullseat’s. Because of her weight it will be stable.

People can sit nice and comfortable in the 
Foldable Soullseat. The back and bottom area is soft, feels nice and is easy to clean.

Sit & Heat

The sitting area is comfortably equipped with a heating system on the bottom and backrest of the bench. Each cushion is installed with a sensor that only heats when a person sits on it. You can personally adjust the amount of heat with a push of a button. Sit & Heat is supplied with inverter  for connection to a normal network or a battery pack. The maximum power consumption is 30 watts per cushion. 

Check out the Foldable Soullseat video!

The Foldable Soullseat is available at Arma Verhuur.